Can Georgia Victims of Vehicle Crash Find Justice?

(CBS 46)

Unfortunately, car accidents happen everyday. Throughout Georgia, car accidents caused by unnecessary and preventable mistakes happen all too frequently.

A November 2018 CBS 46 report reveals that “A young boy is dead and another is critically injured after a driver, who had lost control of his vehicle, crashed into a garage they were playing in.”

While distracted driving (such as texting while at the wheel) is leading and ever-increasing cause of motor vehicle accidents, there are many other reasons why needless car accidents occur all too often:

  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (including legal prescription and over-the-counter drugs)
  • Failure to abide by the rules of the road, such as speed limits and traffic signals
  • Failure to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles
  • Road rage
  • Failure to drive safely given the weather and road conditions
  • An overall failure to drive safely and reasonably

Victims of Car Accidents: What You Should Do after a Georgia Auto Accident?

  1. Stay calm
  2. Call 911
  3. Move to safety
  4. Gather evidence.
  5. Call your insurance company
  6. Call an attorney
  7. See a doctor

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