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Deadly Christmas Crash on I-20 In Warren County 12/27/22

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A Dodge charger struck the back of a stopped tractor-trailer in the emergency lane around 1:30 pm off of I-20 in Warren county. 

This impact caused the charger to burst into flames. After firefighters were able to put the fire out, Georgia State Patrol discovered that an adult and a small child were both in the vehicle. 

Good samaritans who stopped to help, unfortunately could not remove the driver from the vehicle. Bystanders stated that the driver of the charger was pinned to the car. 

It was later reported that the crash killed driver Ryant Furtick and the child, Neuriah Shannon who was in the back seat.      

It is still being investigated on how the charger entered the emergency lane hitting the 18-wheeler. 


Source: wrdw


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