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Can Georgia Victims of Car Crash Find Justice?

Car crashes in Georgia are a regular and tragic occurrence. Wrecks can happen anywhere, and at any time, often with a very little warning to the victim. They happen at high speeds and low speeds, on congested city streets and in parking lots, on public property and private property. In most accidents, though, the root cause is careless driving.

A November 2018 Daily American reports “A Fayette County man was killed in a rollover accident Friday night in Larimer Township.” Police said, “Bryar Jacob Angelo, 25, of Normalville, was found dead following a one-vehicle crash in the 3000 block of Cumberland Highway.”

The law holds negligent drivers and their insurance companies financially liable for the damages that they cause. Yet, all too often, the accidents happen, and the insurance companies in this state are all too happy to take those drivers’ money, promise to insure them, and refuse to pay when the time comes. In fact, it is now common practice in this country for insurance companies to default to a “deny and defend” policy, which means that they automatically shortchange or altogether deny injury claims, often without even conducting a real review.


What Are Some Legal Options for the Victims of Auto Accidents?

Insurance companies figure that the victims will have to sue them to make them pay, and they are betting on the fact that many victims won’t hire a lawyer. They are right about that – a lot of accident victims mistakenly assume that they can’t afford a car accident and injury lawyer, or that they don’t have much of a case. Please do not make that mistake. You can afford a lawyer. In our office, everyone can. How do we know? We do not charge attorney’s fees for our services unless and until we recover compensation for our clients. You don’t pay us unless you get paid, too.

We find that clients are often surprised to learn that they are legally entitled to more money (sometimes much more) than they realized.

We have helped numerous crash victims recover substantial monetary settlements or verdicts after Georgia car accidents. We’ve also helped many grieving families recover money in a wrongful death action after the tragic loss of a relative. We want to help you, too. If we think we can, we’ll ask you to trust your case in our capable, caring hands – and then we will immediately go to work, with the unflinching goal of getting you as much money as possible.

We’ll listen to your story, look at the facts of the case, and help you decide whether legal action might be worth pursuing. Contact TMAPC.

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