Georgia Firefighter got hit by a vehicle

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Car crashes in Georgia are a regular and tragic occurrence. Wrecks can happen anywhere, at any time, and to everyone. They happen at high speeds and low speeds, on congested city streets and in parking lots, on public property and private property.

A May 2019 WJCL reports “Sgt. Darrow Harden, 47, was responding to an overturned vehicle on I-85N Sunday when he was struck by a car while exiting his vehicle. News outlets have reported the car was hydroplaning at the time.

This tragic incident tells us a very important issue about auto accidents: car accidents can happen to us at any moment we are on the road, with very little warning.

What Should I Do after a Georgia Auto Accident?

It is hard to imagine the emotional state of someone who has just experienced a car crash. Victims are often so scared and surprised that they aren’t even entirely sure what just happened. It takes a few moments (or sometimes much longer) for the reality to set in. Even then, the pain of a physical injury might not become apparent right away. It’s easy to brush off your symptoms, not realizing they could be serious. On the other extreme, some people might succumb to panic.

You can help prepare yourself for the unfortunate possibility of a car crash by taking a few moments now to prepare your response. Commit these seven steps to memory:

  • Stay calm (and stay put). A clear head will help you seek help and stay focused on the task at hand. Panic leads to bad decision-making.
  • Call 911. Seek immediate medical attention if you suspect an emergency condition, whether for yourself, a passenger, or someone in the other car.
  • Move to safety. If you can, get away from traffic. Accident victims sometimes sustain additional injuries because oncoming cars don’t stop in time to avoid the accident scene.
  • Gather evidence. Once you’ve attended to your health and safety, try to document as much of the accident scene as possible. This includes:
    • Photographs of the vehicles, the crash, and the surrounding conditions (weather, objects in the road, etc.)
    • The names of everyone else involved in the auto accident
    • Insurance information for the other driver(s)
    • Contact information for any eyewitnesses
    • Write down what happened so you don’t forget later
  • Call your insurance company. Most auto insurance companies require that you notify them soon after a Georgia auto accident. But only talk to your own insurer – not the other side’s (at least not until you talk to a lawyer).
  • Call an attorney. The car crash itself is just the beginning. There’s a long process to come, and a Georgia car accident attorney can help to protect your interests throughout. We recommend that you store our phone number in your cellphone now: 770-756-9311 (Atlanta) or 706-524-7784(Augusta).
  • See a doctor. Even if you didn’t suffer a medical emergency, you should still see a primary care or urgent care physician soon after the crash. Having a record of your doctor’s visit could be important to your claim later.

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