Trucking Accident Killed 8 People

Source: (The Washington Post)

In personal injury law, trucking accidents are vehicle crashes that involve a tractor-trailer truck, 18-wheeler, or any other large commercial vehicle.

The Washington Post reports “A crash that killed eight people in Mississippi last month happened after a box truck crossed the center line of a two-lane rural highway and struck a van, according to a federal report issued Wednesday”. 

Is Trucking Accident Different from Other Accidents? 

We tend to talk about trucking accidents a little differently than other vehicle accidents because they are more complicated, and they present a number of unique issues relating to both causation and liability.

Moreover, the defendants in these cases are typically powerful, wealthy corporations that operate whole fleets of enormous trucks. Those companies are represented by dozens of lawyers, as well as insurance companies that have their own legal armies, too.

As you can imagine, then, victims have an uphill climb toward justice. The corporate interests on the other side do everything they can to shield themselves from financial liability, even when the truck driver is clearly at-fault and the victims are clearly devastated.

Indeed, the devastation is common in these cases. Commercial trucks are enormous, and they tend to travel at very high speeds. Even the sturdiest car, pickup truck, or SUV is no match for the sheer size and force of a speeding 18-wheeler.

Victims are often left to pick up the pieces for themselves, unsure of where to turn for justice. Too often, the surviving victims are family members whose loved ones were killed in a horrible commercial trucking accident.

What Can We Do After the Trucking Accident? 


If you or your relative has suffered injury or death in a Georgia trucking accident, you may be entitled to a large amount of financial compensation (depending on the circumstances of the crash and the nature of the injuries). Many victims are surprised to discover that the law entitles them to much more money than they expected.

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